Stefan Henkel

Frankfurt (Oder)

Stefan Henkel has been designing projects at the intersection of academia and civil society since 2013, first at Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald and now at European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder). Inter alia, these projects include the summer school “Viadrinicum” and the advanced training for professionals “Ukraine Calling”. His interests lie in forms of mutual learning and dialogical knowledge transfer between diverse actors for a holistic understanding of current societal questions.

The German town of Frankfurt (Oder) together with its Polish counterpart Słubice make up an aspiring twin-city (aka Słubfurt) on the banks of the Oder river, that stands as a testimony to the numerous historical transformations in these fascinating borderlands. While trying to grapple with its status as a peripheral and transitory place, this university-city doesn’t seem to stop being a riddle in itself: its liminality lures and confines one at the same time.