Slubfurt e.V.

Słubfurt, Nowa Amerika

Słubfurt e.V. is a transbordering culture and art association at the polish-german border.

In 1999 both cities Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice at the polish-german border were transformed into the common city called Słubfurt. Since 2010 Słubfurt became the capital of Nowa Amerika, a region on both sides along the whole polish-german border.

Słubfurt is the first city to be located half in Poland and half in Germany. It was founded in 1999 and then registered in the RES (Register of European Town Names) in 2000. The town is made up of the two districts of Słub and Furt, which lie to the right and left of the Odera river. Here people speak Polish, German, Słubfurtish and lots of other languages. Since 2010, Słubfurt has been the capital of Nowa Amerika.

Slubfurt e.V. is the official organizer of the project “transbordering laboratory” in 2021-2022