Michael Kurzwelly

Słubfurt, Nowa Amerika

Reality construction as an applied method “The ‘great realities’ that seem to be given to us from outside are only an agreement on a reality that we humans have given ourselves as a framework. For this reason, we can create new constructions of reality by deliberately rearranging space. When we then live according to this new reality, it manifests itself as a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’, so to speak.”

In 1999 both cities Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice at the polish-german border were transformed into the common city called Słubfurt. Since 2010 Słubfurt became the capital of Nowa Amerika, a region on both sides along the whole polish-german border.

Together with Miha Kosovel and Tanel Rander we developed the project “transbordering laboratory”. I believe that border regions are the avant garde for a transbordering Europe joining diverse cultural ways of life, experimenting a world of regions beyound the concept of national states.