KD Teater na konfini (-TNK-)

Sempas, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Community of artists – TNK – (Teater na konfini /Theatre On Border) is NGO organization situated in the area of Slovenian and Italian border in cities Nova Gorica (SLO) and Gorizia (IT). Annually we produce a theatre show (cooperation with Slovenian National Theater of Nova Gorica), variety of other projects: crossborder shows, digital theatre, video films, projects with marginalised groups and open space Festival GOTROPOLIS (a creative carnival of open space theatre, music, visual art).

Nova Gorica is a town in western Slovenia, on the border with Italy. It is a planned town, built according to the principles of modernist architecture after 1947, when the Paris Peace Treaty established a new border between Yugoslavia and Italy, leaving nearby Gorizia outside the borders of Yugoslavia and thus cutting off the Soča Valley, the Vipava Valley, the Gorizia Hills and the northwestern Karst Plateau from their traditional regional urban centre. (wiki)

Promoting artists encounters and process work. Reflecting current needs of society with our theatre projects, thematically staged city strolls, socio and psychodrama workshops. We can also contribute our Festival GOTROPOLIS, a creative crossborder carnival of open space theatre, music, thematically staged city strolls, small circus shows, debates, installations, exhibitions, workshops, digital theatre, video films, different art therapy workshops with marginalized and vulnerable groups.