Društvo humanistov Goriške (Goriška Humanist Association)

Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Goriška Humanist Association unites individuals who have a common interest in deepening knowledge and broadening mental horizons. We stem from the thesis that understanding modern social phenomena is key to understanding the premises of human existence. We are the publisher of Razpotja Journal and the orga?nizers of the City of Books Festival. Since 2016, we manage Carinarnica, a place at the former border crossing between Italy and Slovenia, which hosts various exhi?bitions and concerts.

Nova Gorica is a modern town developed after the WWII, when the border was erected in the region of Goriška/Goriziano, which put the historical city of Gorizia in Italy and most of the sorrounding territory on the Yugoslavian (now Slovenian) part. In the last years Nova Gorica and Gorizia are forming together a conurban area and are learning to live as one city.