Associazione 47/04

Associazione 47/04 focuses its work on the key concepts of history, memory, and territory. The association brings together scientific research and education and coordinates the work of researchers, historians, and artists, to foster the interaction and dialogue between different methodologies, ideas, and perspectives. Associazione 4704 encourages and offers studies and research on the relationship between history, memory, and active citizenship and organizes scientific, cultural, and educational activities focused on cooperation and cross-border mobility. The organization proposes activities and research projects related to the 20th century, with a focus on the upper Adriatic area. Territory, creativity, new technologies and innovation are the main areas of interest of Associazione 47/04 which operates in the creative, theatrical, educational and organization of cultural events. 47/04 coordinates the work of professionals from different disciplinary fields by promoting interaction and dialogue between visual and performative artists, computer scientists and musicians, researchers and historians. At the center of its proposals there are urban spaces, participatory practices and contaminations between different languages. The Association specializes in the organization of festivals and exhibitions in the field of contemporary art: outdoor shows and performances, in urban spaces, gardens, historical locations; site specific performance; multimedia art installations in urban spaces; participatory experience between performer and audience / citizenship. It’s also behind the urban festivals In\Visible Cities and Digital Contaminations held in FVG. The primary objective is audience development: to create new audiences or expand existing ones by promoting innovative forms of entertainment even in small urban centers, guaranteeing free and open access and accompanying the shows with moments of reflection, study and workshops. The association also carries out audiovisual productions, multimedia installations, documentaries, short films, exhibitions.